1939 Mercedes 230s


Predecessor of the Nazi War Wagon, this particular model spent much of World War II hidden in a barn in the Czech Republic. The type served a military role for the duration of the war. In time, found and recognized, the vehicle underwent a meticulous restoration.

W153's were built until 1943, but only 87 of these emerged from the plant in 1942 and 1943, due to the changed government priorities accompanying the wartime economy. More than half of the 4,264 cars produced dated from 1939.The W153 body shell returned in 1949, however, little changed but fitted with a smaller engine, as the Mercedes-Benz 170S.

There is probably not an automobile at Mercedes Benz that is less known that the Type 230/W153. The superior standard of workmanship, reliability and handling define the designers' interests in technical refinement and artistic quality