1905 Cupelle


The car dates to the French factory of Lacoste et Battman in Paris. They preferred not to sell cars under their own name. Instead, they delivered cars with specifications to "other factories" (French and English) who named them. Lacoste et Battman cars can be 1903 Napoleon, 1903 Regal, 1903 Gamage, 1904 Speedwell, 1905 Cupelle, 1905-06 Jackson, 1907 Lacoba and 1910 Simplicia. In 1897, their car was almost a 4-wheel bike. In 1903, the smallest model was a tiny two seater with a 4 cylinder engine. The factory even produced an electric car, continuing production until closure in 1913.

This Lacoste & Battman Cupelle is a factory original, extensively and painstakingly restored in the 1950's.