The History

The Cayman Motor Museum is the realization of a vision by businessman Andreas Ugland to have a local showroom to share his large collection of exotic, rare, and classic motorcars and motorbikes. "Before assembling our collection in Cayman," said Mr. Ugland, "our motorcars were scattered throughout the world with many of them in England, Canada, and my home country of Norway. My wife, Natalie, and I conceived the notion of bringing them all to Cayman for the people of these islands, and our visitors, to enjoy.

"Ten years ago, we acquired the land for the museum and began moving forward with our designs and working with government to secure planning approvals," explained Mr. Ugland. "We were all set to break ground in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan paid us an unexpected visit, and we were forced to put our plans on hold. About three years ago, we revived the project and began the process of cataloging the collection, starting construction, and, more recently, packaging and transporting the cars to Grand Cayman. "Finally, after more than a decade, it truly is a pleasure to share these motorcars and motorbikes with all who might appreciate their significance—and magnificence."